16th22 x 63R450R495
8th46 x 63R660R715
1/494 x 63/
46 x 128
1/294 x 128/
190 x 63
Full page215 x 154R3000R4000
Back cover215 x 154R7000
Advertising rates are valid for the 2021 edition.

The advantage of advertising

One of the things that make the Hangklip-Kleinmond Book so useful, is the fact that everyone is listed in the alphabetical telephone directory. Residents can look up the contact details of their favourite business and call ahead – a useful feature to reach loyal customers but not sufficient on its own if you are trying to reach potential new customers.

The Hangklip-Kleinmond Book contains a Business Index reserved for the advertisers of the book. The business index is an alphabetical list of all the advertisers grouped according to their business categories ie. ‘Delivery Service’, ‘Estate Agents’ or ‘Building Contractors’ and provides a page referrence to the advertisement.

The advertisement is placed on (or near to) the page where the actual listing appears. The advertisers’ listings are printed in bold which make them stand out from the free listings.

Pages of the actual book showing the business index with page numbers of advertisers
The Business Index is clearly marked and found in the front of the book.

Advertising DEADLINE

The advertising deadline is 31 October 2020. All bookings, designs and payments must be finalized by 31 October 2020 for inclusion in the 2021 edition. Book your spot here.


The books are distributed via the postal delivery services during the first week of December 2020. Additional books are available throughout the year from local estate agents, holiday accommodation establishments and local village shops.

Contact Ronel Theron on 072 290 8332 or info@villagevoice.co.za for more information.

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