Website Design – Trans Intersex History Africa

Design Brief

Website design for a group of activists who are passionate about sharing the contemporary history of the trans and intersex movement on the African continent: 

Design Specifications

WordPress Website and on-site SEO.

Grammar and spelling according to South African English.


Design Instructions

The main aim of the website is to provide a timeline of historical events for the trans and intersex movements grouped in relevant categories including Legislation, Community, Organisational, and Diaspora.

The timeline shows events in the greater LGBTIQ movement that had an impact on the trans and intersex communities of Africa, and specific events in the trans and/or intersex communities that shaped the movements. The requirements were for the timeline to be interactive and filterable to show all the stories as well as different categories on their own.

The audience of the website is largely people in academic fields – either journalists or researchers and one of the requirements was that an easy-to-read typeface had to be used for the text.  

Globally the trans and intersex movements are separate identities but the activists explained that in Africa the two emerged in conjunction with one another and often shared a historical past which is the reason for the shared website.  It was important to treat them as separate entities with equal scope and representation.  I used a color scheme that enhanced and complimented both the trans and intersex flags without favoring one above the other.

I created heroes/banners for the site by incorporating the photos that were supplied.

I incorporated the trans and intersex flags in the logo.